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Carbonless Forms - Organize Your Business Quickly and Efficiently

Carbonless Forms will make you business look more professional

Carbonless forms

  • Can be done in a way that modernizes.
  • When Print It Plus creates a carbonless form, we can also create a fillable PDF to be used on your website or for electronic distribution.
  • Often companies need the carbonless form as a paper trail… especially for trades people (plumbers, electricians, etc.) to go out with their sales people and/or technicians

Print Marketing – What Was Once Old is Now New Again

Print Is Still Alive and Stronger Than Ever

Recently, a prospective client said they wanted to get customers’ attention through non-traditional marketing using printed products. Who knew that in 2016, the printed word would be considered “non-traditional?” Non-traditional? We’re saying this about a medium that was developed back in the 1400’s by Johannes Gutenberg! While Webster’s (of dictionary fame) mind might be little blown by this reference, when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense.

The Importance of Making Sure That Your Employees Actually Like Each Other

Marketing Plan 2016

Make no mistake about it: a business is more important than any one person. A successful business is truly the sum of its parts. It's a collection of people all working together to form a cohesive whole, helping the business as an entity move forward into the future and accomplish the goals that it has outlined for itself at the same time. Finding the right people to fill the right positions is one important step towards achieving this environment, but it is exactly that – one part. An element that is just as important (but one that far too many business owners fail to pay attention to until it's far too late) comes from the idea that your employees also have to actually enjoy working with one another if your business is going to succeed the way you want it to.

Judging a Book by its’ Cover – How People Choose Products Based on Packaging

Marketing Plan 2016

Kids and cats seem to have this well figured out. We’ve all seen or experienced first-hand the joy that kids and cats take in taking an “ordinary box” and making that product packaging into the most exciting plaything of all time. What they are instinctively telling us, without truly understanding for themselves, is this: if the packaging sparks the imagination, it almost doesn’t matter what’s inside.

Putting together your marketing plan for a successful 2016 in West Palm Beach

Marketing Plan 2016

So now we understand the importance of creating and then following a well-designed yearly marketing plan for your business, as discussed in the 1st blog of this three part series. In this 2nd part of our 3-part blog we give structure to your marketing plan. An unstructured marketing plan will invariably cost your company a fortune as you spend money in areas that are not giving the return on investment needed while not allocating enough funds in areas that could yield much more fruit.

The first thing you need to do is decide on your budget. And the most important aspect of deciding on your budget is: be realistic, but do not be too tight. You may have grand marketing plans for the new year, but if you don’t have the budget set correctly, you will run out of money for marketing long before 2016 ends.

Do you have a Marketing Plan for 2016?

Marketing Plan 2016

As 2015 draws to a close and we look back and assess the results in our business, we are also looking forward into next year. By this time you should already have your preliminary business and marketing plans for 2016 in place. Of course that is often much easier said than done. But, even if you have your plans in place, having a checklist to make sure you have not missed anything is always a good thing to have.

Buyer Personas: What They Are, Why You Need Them, and What Should You Do About It

Buyer's Personas

In marketing, one of the most important terms that you need to keep in mind at all times is "focus." In order to run a successfully executed campaign, you need to remove as much of the superfluous noise from your materials as possible and boil it down to the core essentials. You can't appeal to all people all of the time, which is why focusing on  is so important. Buyer personas are a concept that allow you to do just that in a host of different ways, all of which are beneficial to you and your team moving forward.

Signs That It May Be Time to Change Your Brand

Time To Rebranding

As you enter the world of business, you're told time and again that your brand is essentially everything. It's the first encounter that most customers have with your organization and it's your connection to those people, particularly when it comes to establishing the type of meaningful and long-lasting relationship you need to survive. While all of this and more is definitely true, there is one important thing that your brand is NOT: immortal.

Expressions of Appreciation

Appreciation of Great Employees

“Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.”
– Dr. Christiane Northrup

Have you ever felt under-appreciated? It is unfortunately a common condition in our culture. But, we can do something to combat its ubiquity. Like so many negative influences in our lives, we can turn this around and reverse its influence by doing the exact opposite. Actions may speak louder than words, but some words can have an unforgettable impact.

Building Anticipation for a New Product or Service Through Marketing

Building Anticipation

Anticipation Marketing

Marketing materials that you put out into the world aren't just a great way to introduce a new product or service to your target audience. If done properly, they can also be an invaluable way to create a huge amount of buzz and anticipation surrounding an upcoming product or service launch. That can then translate into increased sales when it is eventually ready for release. By keeping just a few, key things in mind, you can use hype to your advantage and build the type of momentum that most businesses can only dream of.

Master the Art of the Tease

One of the major lessons to be learned about building anticipation for a new product or service through marketing is to master the concept of teasing.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Event for Your Business

Successful Conventions and Events

Successful Events

If you truly want to draw attention to your business and potentially attract a whole new variety of customers, there are few better ways to accomplish this than with a great marketing event. Regardless of the type of industry that you're in, a marketing event is a great way to get a hold of some people who wouldn't normally have your business on their radar. To accomplish this, however, you need to keep a few key things in mind.

Reliable reminders your customer will reach for from Print It Plus

Rack Cards, Flyers and Brochures

Rack Cards, Flyers and Brochures

As a small to mid-sized business you are constantly striving to stay in the front of your customers’ minds so that when they need your services, you are the first vendor they think of. Although there are a multitude of different marketing ideas for accomplishing this objective, most of them tend to be very expensive while not offering the reward that you are looking for. You need to create a piece that has a long-standing track record of success while not blowing your limited marketing budget out of the water. Here is a great idea for you: rack cards and flyers.

How To Be Successful At Trade Shows

Let the Trade Show professionals at Print It Plus, help you create an impact at your next Trade Show.

Trade Show Floor

Trade Shows Are One Opportunity You Just Can't Afford to Pass Up

Like any business, you probably use a wide range of marketing materials in an attempt to spread your message far and wide. Even though you rely heavily on the print techniques that have worked so well in the past, you've probably also branched out into the wonderful world of social media and digital marketing. But one marketing opportunity remains largely untapped by many businesses. That opportunity is the trade show, which brings with it a wide range of prospects you can't ignore.

Building Brand Awareness Requires a Consistent Brand Experience

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing. Print It Plus has the expertise to help you and your company create and market your brand. We know that building a powerful, long-lasting brand starts with a consistent core strength, mission and values of your company, not your logo. Your logo as it is important to represent your brand but, it is only a small part of the way your company is viewed by customers. Your mission and value have to be driven by your brand and from everyone in your organization. When you analyze it, the your brand is actually more of a feeling than an object.

Get More Referrals at Your Dental or Medical Practice

Referrals for your Medical office

How a doctor’s office or hospital can be more successful at getting referrals

Getting consistently great results for physician marketing and relations is the goal of every physician relations and hospital marketing department. Since the potential opportunities are out there, CEOs and other decision makers often invest valuable resources into building up their physician relation and marketing departments. Unfortunately, CEOs often become impatient with the progress of the relations and discontinue or severely shrink the size of the program before it has had time to really take hold with the local physician community.

So, the question becomes what can liaisons do to justify their existence and produce quicker, more actionable results?