2016 Desk Calendar Puzzles and Answers

Print It Plus is proud to introduce our first ever desk pad calendar. These calendars are designed with puzzles to keep your mind sharp.




January Crossword Answers 2016

February Word Search 1 Carbonless Deadline DropShadow Estimate Giclee Imposition Italics Linen Mounting Online PerfectBind Postcard Professional Promotional RoundCorner SpiralBind Stationery Trap VariableData March Word Search 2 Addressing Banners BusinessCard Cardstock DirectMail Gutter HardCover Indicia Label Loupe Pantone PrintingPress Quality SaddleStitch Technology UVcoating WebDesign Bleed June Word Search 3 Artwork Badge Calendar Color Cutting Domain Folding GraphicDesign Hickey Kerning Leading MemoPad Offset Paper Portrait PrintItPlus Creasing Stet Watermark July Word Search 4 Award Brochure Coilbind Collate Deboss Form Ink Invoice Jogger Keylines Landscape Letterhead MailMerge Nametag Overprint Personalization Pixel October Word Search 5 Announcement Blueprint Canvas Checks Computer Diecut Envelope Gripper HouseSheet Impression Laid Logo Marketing Notepad Pagination Premium Proof Screenprint Value Vinyl December Word Search 6 Bindery CustomerService Digital Engraving Font Invitation Lamination Mailing Newsletter Pen Pica Postscript PresentationFolder Printing Quote Resolution RxPad Staple Thermography Varnish

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