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Environmentally Conscious Company

At Print It Plus, we pride ourselves in using environmentally friendly equipment and process when ever possible.

Plate Maker

Our plate maker for our traditional offset press is completely chemical free. Nothing goes to any land fill. Even the plates are recyclable after their life is over.

Digital Equipment

Use of digital equipment has revolutionized the industry making chemicals and waste virtually non-existent. Computer files are sent directly to the digital equipment eliminating the need for art boards, processing chemicals and additional run quantities for set-up.


Although, we are now a chemical free company, except for the offset chemicals used to clean the ink out of the press, we have always protected the environment by using expensive ChemGon containers. These containers are designed to take chemistry we used and make it inert. It has and always be part of our routine to upgrade our processes to be more friendly to the environment


It is a misconception that paper is bad for the environment. It is actually worse for the environment to use a computer than it is to print on paper.

Why is Paper Good for the Environment and the Economy?

Paper is a renewable source and employs thousands of people every year. From the forests that are planted, cut down and re-planted every year, to the paper mills, to the wholesale paper companies and printing companies to you the end user. Once discarded, paper become dirt again and does not cause a threat to our environment. A major misconception is that paper is killing our trees, when the truth is there are 20% more trees in the US than on the first Earth Day Spring 1970.

By providing a market for forest land owners, the US paper industry encourages them to continue to manage their lands and not sell them for development or other non-forest uses.

Many papers are available in recycled counterparts. Request information from our qualified experts to select the papers that are best for you.

Electronic Devices

Another misconception is that electronic devices are more environmentally friendly than print. Whereas, in 2008, Americans generated 3.16 million tons of electronic waste. Electronic devices require the mining of dozens of minerals and metals, as well as, the use of plastics, hydrocarbon solvents and other non-renewable resources.

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