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FloridaPrint Awards and Printing Industries of America Bennys

Print It Plus consistently wins statewide award contests for their printing quality and design imagination.

This is where our “Creating Infinite Possibilities” shines over and above other printing and marketing companies. These awards are judged by their peers and experts in the printing and marketing industry.

Please browse some examples of the award winning pieces.

We have also been awarded 5 National Awards, proving our superior capabilities when comparing us with other brands.

  • bestcatCPBCC
  • bestcatJWorld
  • bestcatPIP
  • bestcatSkylineCV
  • bestcatSRHS2012
  • excellAtterbury
  • excellCaremore
  • excellGDental
  • excellSkylineLH
  • excellSpaIPC
  • judgeCPBCCprog
  • Stationery Printed In Full Color
    2013 Best of Category
  • Just World International Invitation Package
    2013 Best of Category
  • Print It Plus Calendar
    2014 Best of Category
  • Skyline Music Booklet Covers
    2013 Best of Category
  • Seminole Ridge High School Graduation Program
    2013 Best of Category
  • Atterbury, Goldberger & Weiss Stationery Package
    2013 Award of Excellence
  • Caremore Family Practice
    2013 Award of Excellence
  • Gardens Dental Care
    2013 Award of Excellence
  • Skyline Music Stationery Package
    2013 Award of Excellence
  • International Polo Club Spa Brochure/Menu
    2013 Award of Excellence
  • Central Palm Beach County Chamber Gala Program
    2013 Judges Award