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"I met Kimberly from Print It Plus and thought I would try them out since I was revamping my company's marketing materials. They took my "so-so" brochure design and had their designer re-work it... all I can say is WOW! The new marketing materials do the talking for me - and my customers have so many fewer questions now. Everything is perfectly visually displayed in my new brochure. Print It Plus is more than a typical print shop... they took the time to understand my product and figured out how to showcase it to my customers - not to mention that the finished print quality of the brochure is exceptional. I highly recommend this company. A + customer service and marketing insight is great...
Thanks Print It Plus!!!"

Elizabeth A.

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Consider Professional Design for a higher impact.

A professionally designed brochure will say more about your company than you can during a short introduction or if you are not in front of a prospective client. At Print It Plus, we have been creating infinite possibilities in brochures with informative, great looking products.

Our design staff can take your ideas, words, or images and produce eye-catching promotional pieces. The samples to the right are all Print It Plus professionally designed brochures.

Or, if you already have a computer file, print-ready art/PDF or just a text file, we can help you finish the graphics, confirm the folds are correct, produce a press proof and then print or copy your document on a variety of stocks.

What does a great looking brochure do for your company?

A great looking brochure speaks for you when you cannot. It allows you to put more information into a small easy to understand format that will sell your products and services for you. What else does a great brochure do for your company?

  • Gives pertinent information about your company to potential clients.

-   Company information, including: website, phone number, tagline, maybe mission statement

-   Gives reasons that you are different and better than your competition

-   Gives information about other products and/or services that you offer that a potential or current client might not be aware of

  • Menu of services

-   Great way to showcase successful projects that you have already completed

-   Catches your eye with vibrant and catchy graphics

-   More likely to get your client or potential client’s attention, which is half the battle in trying to get your marketing message across

-   The consumer wants to know what you can do for them… a good brochure conveys that message strongly and succinctly

The most important thing a brochure can do is to help them understand that by using your company they will benefit from the connection. It is important to include information that customers frequently ask you about your company. And use Images that show customers what you can do for them.

What does a professional designer do that I can't do?

At Print It Plus, our professional Graphic Designer has a degree in art. The designer has many years experience and keeps up with trends to keep your marketing items new and original. This is critical to get your prospective client to keep your brochure so they will have it as they have the need for your company's products or services. They say first impressions stay with a person's perspective about your company and it is true. Make sure your first impression is the best it can be.

See our Do It Yourself Design Tips:

Follow this link for design tips if you decide to produce your own artwork. We accept files from most major design programs on PC or Macintosh computers.

    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Illustrator


Once you have a great looking brochure, how do you distribute it? At Print It Plus, we can offer you many options to create a customized direct mail campaign to get your brochure to potential customers. Click here for more direct mail information. Or you can use a door hanger and distribute your information door to door.

Whether you need a Brochure, printing, digital printing, full color printing, business stationery and forms, memos, menus, logo design, promotional products, marketing and advertising design, mailing services (direct mail), website design and marketing solutions, Print It Plus is the place for you to bring your business in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Loxahatchee, Lake Worth and throughout Palm Beach County.