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September 2017

The Importance of Traditions

If you think back to your childhood, chances are you can’t remember the toys you got year after year, but it’s likely you can remember the activities and traditions that your family did together

Whether it’s going out for supper on the first day of school, carving pumpkins in the fall, watching classic holiday movies, or having Friday board-game nights, our traditions create lasting memories filled with laughter, love, and smiles. As life becomes more chaotic and fast-paced, here are a few reasons to maintain and create family traditions, big or small:

  • Traditions reinforce values. For example, the tradition of reading nightly bedtime stories to children reinforces the value of education, reading, and spending time together.
  • Traditions create a sense of comfort and security by providing us with something that is constant when our lives change drastically year after year.
  • Traditions bridge the gap between past and future generations with things like recipes for traditional cultural foods, and specific rituals surrounding holidays that can be passed from grandparents to grandchildren.
  • Traditions give us a chance to slow down and focus on the important things in life.
  • Traditions provide a source for cultural and religious identity.
  • Traditions give us something to look forward to.
  • Traditions strengthen family bonds and provide more opportunities for interaction together. Remember that traditions aren’t just for holidays. You can plan a family movie night once a month, or make a special breakfast for family birthdays. If you are eager to create some new traditions, be sure to start slow and choose quality over quantity. Long live your traditions!

The World’s Most Famous Sign

The original sheet-metal sign, which read “Hollywoodland,” was installed on the slope of Mount Lee in 1923 as part of an advertising campaign to attract homebuyers to the Los Angeles neighborhood. Developers expected the sign to last about a year. However, it quickly became a West Coast phenomenon and tourist attraction. By the late 1940s, “land” was removed from the name, and over the next few decades, the sign fell into greater disrepair. hollywood sign mdThe letters fell away, were lit on fire, and were vandalized, turning “Hollywood” into “Hollyweed.” In 1978, the old landmark was demolished and replaced with a reinforced concrete and steel Hollywood sign. Then in 2012, nearly ninety years after its original installation, the Hollywood sign was restored again thanks to a face-lift from Sherwin-Williams. Contrary to what’s seen in movies, visitors aren’t allowed to get close to the fenced-off Hollywood sign. And because each letter is forty-five feet tall, the only way to photograph the sign is from a distance. One of the best views is from Wonder View Drive. Today, the protection and promotion of the Hollywood sign is handled by the Hollywood Sign Trust, a nonprofit focused on maintaining the appearance of the sign, and educating the world about the historical value of this landmark. For more information, visit http://hollywoodsign.org.

Reduce Discomfort After Dental Work

If you experience mouth soreness and tooth sensitivity after leaving the dentist’s office, here are a few tips to help you reduce discomfort:

» Keep your mouth closed, especially when chewing. Cold air can be very painful for sensitive teeth. » Eat soft foods that don’t need much chewing. If you must bite, do so gently and chew slowly to prevent extra pressure while your teeth are tender. » Use special toothpaste meant for tooth sensitivity. » Avoid hot, cold, and sugary foods or drinks. » Don’t chew ice, sticky foods, nuts, or hard candy, which can dislodge fillings that haven’t set properly yet. » If dental work changes your bite or irritates with a rough-edged filling, contact your dentist for a minor adjustment, such as filing down a raised area.

Make the Holidays about Connection

The holiday season will be here before you know it! Here are a few great ways to stay in touch with your customers and promote your business during the holidays:

  • Send an exclusive coupon or voucher designed as a statement stuffer that can be included in an existing mailing to thank customers for their business throughout the year.
  • Promote a holiday customer-appreciation sale for loyal customers.
  • Place table tents at industry events to promote your holiday specials.
  • Include a branded notepad with all purchases as a useful giveaway item.
  • Give away custom-printed calendars that boost your front-of-mind awareness all year round.
  • Give loyal customers something that keeps on giving. Consider a bonus for referring a friend, a holiday coupon, or a discount on products or services for subscribing to your e-newsletter.
  • Add holiday labels to all mailings or packages promoting holiday cheer with an exclusive sale or discount.
  • Donate your products or services as a door prize at holiday parties or other business gatherings.
  • Create value bundles wrapped with custom-printed bands or solutions to enhance your current packaging.
  • Design hang tags or other creative gift tags to attach to holiday candies and other gifts for loyal customers or preferred vendors.

Greek Chicken Pasta Recipe

1 lb. package linguine pasta
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1 Tbsp. olive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 lb. chicken breast, diced
1 14 oz. can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
1 tomato, chopped
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
3 Tbsp. chopped fresh parsley
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
2 tsp. oregano

Cook pasta as directed. Sauté onion and garlic in olive oil in large skillet. Add chicken and cook until done. Add artichoke hearts, tomato, feta cheese, parsley, lemon juice, oregano, and cooked pasta. Cook and stir until heated.

George Stephanopoulos was born February 10, 1961 in Fall River, Massachusetts. He attended Columbia University and won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, where he received a master’s degree in theology. He later became one of President Bill Clinton’s most trusted aides. Following Clinton’s first term, he resigned from the administration and moved to New York City to work as a professor of government at Columbia University and a political commentator and analyst for ABC News. He is currently an anchor for This Week and co-host of Good Morning America.

Mayo Magic

Hellmann’s has long been the leading brand of mayonnaise for sandwiches in Brazil, but how could they show shoppers that their mayo is great for more than just sandwiches.

The solution was a shopping cart equipped with an LCD touch screen and RFID technology. While shopping, the Hellmann’s recipe cart interacts with various ingredients in the supermarket and lets the shopper know of products that could be combined with Hellmann’s mayo. During one month, 45,000 people used the interactive shopping technology. Not only did Hellmann’s mayo sales increase by sixty-eight percent, but Hellman’s was thrilled to make shopping easier and more enjoyable for Brazilians.