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Menus and Marketing Materials for Restaurants

In the restaurant industry, you have to be your own unique experience for your patrons. This can be a daunting task if your specialty is cooking and customer service but not marketing.

At Print It Plus we have been helping restaurants make their brand household names for years.


A well designed menu gives your customers an immediate feeling of your establishment. It needs to be enticing, colorful, match your restaurant's own brand. By doing these things, it can guide them to the menu items you want to sell. It can keep them interested in trying new items.

At Print It Plus, this has become one of our specialties. We understand it is critical that the menu items be highlighted and the descriptions are inviting enough to make your customers have to try it. It can also leave a desire in your customers to come back to try another item on their next trip.


Before you can get customers to read your well designed menu, you have to get them in the door. This will take careful planning from the moment you decide to open or re-brand your restaurant. Newspaper and magazine advertising, combined with Social Media and email Marketing, can significantly increase the number of people who will know about your restaurant. By having our experts at Print It Plus help you design these items, you can dramatically increase those numbers. This comes from our almost 30 years of experience in design, marketing and advertising.

Direct Mail for Restaurants

One of the best ways to do marketing for restaurants is by using the postal service's newer EDDM mailing criteria. These EDDM mailings allow for larger postcards, newsletter, to be sent to homes/business in your area, for pennies each. Postage rates start at only $0.16 each and with special printing prices from Print It Plus, you will be covering your area with direct mail in no time. Direct mail is an acquired technique, so having experts help you will make a huge difference. At Print It Plus, we have been doing direct mail for over 20 years.

The design of the mailing piece, the information on it, the CTA (Call to Action) you use, and the area you mail to are all factors in direct mail success.

Upsell Your Customers with Table Cards

We all know when we sit at a table in a restaurant, there are always table cards trying to sell dessert, specialty drinks, appetizers, and/or weekly/daily specials. The reason is obvious: they work! We all read them as we are waiting for our beverages or food. Sometimes they even help us decide on what we want to eat or drink. We can help you design and print Table Cards that catch the eye of everyone sitting at the table – helping you and your staff to sell more of the appetizers, entrees, deserts and drinks that make you more money!

If you run a restaurant in West Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee or anywhere else in Palm Beach County, then come to Print It Plus. We will help you design and produce the printing, marketing and advertising materials that make your place stand out from the crowd.