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About Print It Plus

Founded by David and Kimberly Leland in October 1988, Print It Plus has seen many changes in the printing industry over the years.

A Start

David started printing when he was working for a power tool company in the late 70's. His company was producing product inserts for their tools and decided to buy a table top printing press. This press was meant for single color, plain paper imprints, but the company wanted a label for a new product. David was able to print a trap registered (colors touching) 3 color label on this single color press. The company who manufactured the printing press, ABDick, was so impressed, they used it in advertisements about their equipment. And that is how he started.

A New Beginning

David and Kimberly were married in December of 1977

Their wedding invitations were created using press type (manually aligned single letters, that were rubbed from the substrate to the art board) and of course printed by David on the above mentioned table top press.

In January of 1978, David and Kimberly started their first business. They purchased a Wax King dealership and began waxing and cleaning cars with a mobile business. In 1981, David helped Jim and Libby Keegan start the wholesale thermographic (raised print) Tampa BCT (Business Cards Tomorrow) franchise. This grew into one of the most successful franchise locations in BCT history.

Then the Children

Kathryn Rose was born in 1982, Kayla Anne in 1985 and Dallas Christopher in 1994. We were blessed with a granddaughter, daughter of Kate, Margaret "Maggie" Rose in April of 2013. Kate is happily married to Matt and lives in California. She is an executive at Gallo Wines and has her MBA from Berkeley of California, Haas School of Business. Kayla is happily married to Chris and lives in South Florida. She is an attorney at Sedgwick Law and graduated from the University of Miami Law School Summa Cum Laude. Dallas is pursuing his dream of becoming a Pharmacist at the University of Central Florida.

The Moves

David and Kimberly both grew up in Palm Beach County. They moved to Tampa in 1979. They lived in Tampa until 1982, when Kate was born and Kimberly got home sick.

David worked for a local printing company as a press operator for a year, and then took a management position at a local franchise printing company. He worked there for over 5 years doubling their sales and not adding an employee.

Print It Plus - The Beginning

David and Kimberly borrowed some money from their grandparents. They found a printing company in Louisiana that had gone out of business. The bank that owned the equipment asked one of their customers who owned a competing printing company to help them sell the equipment. He wanted the equipment out of his market. So David and Kimberly rented a truck and drove to Louisiana to bring home a used printing company.

When we started Print It Plus, it was just David and Kimberly. David made sales calls to customers' locations during the day, and ran a printing press at night. Kimberly waited on customers at the counter and did graphic design at night. The kids (just Kate and Kayla at the time) had a refrigerator and a TV in the back. So after School/Day Care, they came to the office to wait for their parents to finish their work.

Mary Miller joined us in 1989 as a part time employee. She worked her way through the bindery department, press room, made deliveries, and as a sales representative. She has been a manager here for over 10 years.

The Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce

David and Kimberly with Print It Plus joined the then known as Palms West Chamber of Commerce back in 1988. We were some of the first members. David was on the executive board of directors in the early years and he served as President of the Board in 1995/1996. Since Kimberly had been on the Marketing Committee and David rejoined the Board of Directors. In 2011, Palms West Chamber of Commerce joined with Lake Worth Chamber of Commerce to form the new Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce. During that time of transition, Kimberly was very involved in the re-branding of the Chamber.

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